Argosaronic Gulf

‘Lady’ of the Saronic Gulf, irresistible blend of jet-set sophistication and rural charm

Known as the “island of the captains and the artists”, Hydra will charm you at first glance with its cosmopolitan spirit, unique architecture, and rich history.

It is a beloved destination for the Athenians since it is a couple of hours boat ride from the Greek capital, as well as for many celebrities like Onassis, Kallas, Leonard Cohen, Eric Clapton, Sophia Lauren and the “Rolling Stones” and was the set for “all-time classic” movies like “the boy on a dolphin”.

Hydra is free of wheeled vehicles! No cars or motorcycles, since horses, donkeys and water taxis are the only means of transport.

Must see: Church of The Assumption, Koundouriotis Mansion, Historical Archives & Ecclesiastical Museums, Bastions.

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