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Maria Braimiotou

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When people ask me about my profession, I say that I feel fortunate to combine two of my passions: communications with people and travel. I am always willing to share my knowledge and advise people for their destinations when they come at the office to issue their tickets.

When I find time, I always love to visit my hometown which is close to the outstanding Meteora rocks, as well as the unique island of Santorini and add more amazing photos in my collection.

  • Love gardening & cooking & storytelling

  • Working out & Hiking

  • Travel around Greece

  • Photography

Angie Koutroumanidou

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Born and raised in arguably the most vibrant and cosmopolitan city in Greece, Thessaloniki, the capital of northern Greece. I really love travelling I have visited many countries and also lived in Switzerland for a while.

My passion for travel drove me to this job and I love helping other people to enjoy the same passion, as well as welcoming or greeting (?) our travelers to my country. My favorite destinations in Greece are Mt. Parnassos & Arachova village, Thessaloniki and the islands of Milos, Tinos and Ios for the summer. You never run out of wonderful destinations in Greece.

  • Skiing & Swimming

  • Good Food & Greek wine

  • Travelling around Greece and the globe

  • Mountain bike & horse riding


Stavros Koutsourakis

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Coming from the island of Crete, I was always familiar with tourism and it was easy for me to decide what I wanted to do in my life. I chose tourism for studies and career and I love having the opportunity to travel and meet new people and places with different artistic influences.

When I travel in Greece, I love visiting my hometown in Crete, the island of Hydra for its sophisticated atmosphere and the historical island of Rhodes.

  • Love music and playing the violin

  • Theater & cinephile

  • Reading poetry & literature

  • Museum lover

Odysseus Tsiliopoulos

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Since I was a child, I loved meeting new people and listening to their stories. Later- on different cultures and religions got my attention, and I am almost obsessed with reading and learning new things about different countries and their traditions.

I chose this industry, as growing up I realized that Tourism summed up everything I always liked. I also love travelling to different countries, and when I do I want to make sure that I will have an experience of a lifetime and it won’t be just another week of relaxation and doing nothing,

I want to see every hidden gem and detail of the place I visit, and this is also my goal when planning someone’s else’s dream trip.


Ritsa Halkidis

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I was raised in the United States up to the age of 18, but I visited Greece every summer with my parents. Since I was used to travelling from a young age, I enjoy being a member of the team whose objective is to create unforgettable travel experiences.

My favorite destinations in Greece is my hometown near ancient Delphi, and the islands of Sifnos & Mykonos.

I also love travelling back to America to keep in touch with my family who still leaves there.

  • Love people and shopping

  • Swimming & Relaxing

  • Passionate about Greece, its tradition & mythology

  • Love baking traditional Greek pies


Vasilis Kontos

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My passion when I was a child was to read books about myths and the historical sites of Greece. When I grew up my dream was to visit all these places, and then I realized that I had another passion: travel. As Alain De Botton said: “travel, is a try to turn dream into reality”.

In my free time I like to make weekend escapes in my hometown near the historical Ancient Olympia, or in the charming and sophisticated town of Nafplion.

  • Reading & sharing my knowledge

  • Love winter swimming, basketball, boxing

  • Ancient philosophy & history lover

  • Traditional Greek food lover


Irene Papoutsaki

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I was born in Germany and originally come from the hospitable island of Crete. I am in the travel industry from a young age, and believe I was destined to be at this sector.

I love creating amazing, personalized travel experiences, welcome my guest like my family and help them not only see Greece, help them feel like locals.

My goal is leading my team and inspire every single one of them, to deliver the best possible experience to our precious clients.

My favorite destinations in Greece are the islands of Crete, Naxos, and magical Santorini.

  • Sharing my knowledge and insights about my country

  • Obsessed with protecting the environment, recycling, animal wellbeing and protection

  • Jogging, dancing & working out

  • Meditation & yoga