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Epidaurus Theater

Epidaurus is famous for the Ancient Theatre, which apart from the symmetry of its structure, it is unique because of its excellent state of conservation, that allows the theatre to host performances of ancient Greek drama during summer. Another distinctive detail about this construction is the perfect acoustics. In fact, if you drop a pin on the stage, it will be heard even if your sitting at the last seats of the theater.

Stand in the middle of the Ancient Theatre’s stage and recite as if an ancient drama actor, visit the Archaeological Museum that hosts exhibits from the Archaic till the Roman times and head to the sanctuary of Asklepius, or Asklepieion as it is called, a sacred healing place devoted to Asklepius, the healer god, the god who had the power to cure people from their pain and illness. And do not miss the Ancient Stadium of Epidaurus, located next to the Sanctuary of Asklepius. It was constructed in the 5th century B.C. to host the athletic games to honor Asklepius.