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The most famous island group in the Aegean Sea comprises some of the most beautiful islands in the world! Located so close to Athens, it is easy to reach the Cyclades islands in Greece in few hours by ferry or in few minutes by plane. Whether you’re off for a romantic vacation, honeymoon trip, or an all-inclusive holiday, the Cyclades vacation packages will make make your trip magnificent.

Santorini and Mykonos are the most popular islands of Cyclades Greece and the top destinations in Greece generally. Other popular islands include Paros, Naxos and Milos. The rest of the islands although less famous, they are definitely precious little gems scattered across a glittering Aegean.

Reconnect with Mother Nature in Naxos, sunbath on the lunar landscape of Sarakiniko beach in Milos, and discover the lush vegetation and abundantly flowing streams of Andros island. Grab your camera and explore the many sights and attractions of Paros, visit “Hand-Made Tinos”, the homeland of renewed great artists of marble carving, and ship for the enchanting Ios (= flower). Unwind and relax in Serifos and get to know the local ceramic artwork in Sifnos.

Our Cyclades islands vacation packages include a variety of sightseeing, such as museums, marketplaces and picturesque villages.

You can also ask for a personalized Cyclades islands vacation package to meet your needs and preferences, including accommodation throughout the Cyclades, sports activities, honeymoon trips and more.

To book your all-inclusive travel package, simply fill in the reservation form and send it today. We will supply you with detailed information about our vacation packages, as well as make suggestions for customized holidays in the Cyclades islands.