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Irene from Dorcas Travel did an exceptional job for us.  She handled everything from offering an initial itinerary then adjusting it to make it fit exactly what we wanted and staying within our budget.  She planned a good mix of tours to include private, semi-private and group tours.  Irene was there to meet us at the Athens airport and made sure we were pointed in the right direction for next leg of our trip Crete.  She provided us with a cell phone to contact her with any questions or concerns we had during our trip and handled all additional travel reservations once we were in Greece to include air carriers and ferries.

The itinerary she provided once we arrived was very accurate to include pick up times for all tours, additional travel reservations, and hotel reservations.  We had no difficulties at all finding our drivers and tour guides, they were exactly where she said they would be and always on time or early.  There was never an issue of a reservation not being made, her attention to detail was outstanding.  This was a huge help as we did not know much about traveling around in Greece and took away a lot of anxiety over travelling in a foreign country.  The only thing we had to worry about was our flight reservations to and from the U.S.; once we got those she took care of the rest.  We strongly recommend Dorcas Travel to anyone interested in traveling to Greece!

Phil & Brenda Mabie