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Crete, the largest island in Greece, is one of the most popular travel destinations of the Mediterranean. It’s an island with a thousand faces that combines everything a traveller might ask for: a rich history, several major attractions, a unique food culture, a vibrant nightlife, magnificent nature and pristine beaches.

On Crete flourished the first prehistoric civilization of note on European soil, that of the Minoan Bronze-Age, and its majestic palaces can still be visited today. In the long history of the island, a multitude of different cultures and conquerors have passed through, leaving behind important traces on the island. As a result, present-day Crete has a high level of historical, archaeological and cultural points of interest.

The heart of Crete beats in its cities: Chania, the Venice of the East, Renaissance Rethymno, cosmopolitan Heraklion and picturesque Agios Nikolaos, Sitia and Ierapetra. In addition museums and historical sites and buildings, you’ll find many shops selling local products, lively bars and cafés, as well as restaurants where you can try the both delicious and healthy Cretan cuisine.

At the same time, Crete stands out for its unique natural environment. On one hand, a seemingly endless and indented coastline offers countless beaches for each and every taste. At the other extreme, there is a spine of high mountains ideal for hiking and mountaineering. Gorges to wander through, caves to explore, valleys to admire, all waiting the visitor’s glance. In Crete, you’ll never fall short of things to do.